Our thoughts on the S word

At Gabriella’s Kitchen, “skinny” is a mindset, a modern metaphor for healthy, nourishing and better-for-you foods. Today, there are skinny lattes, skinny jeans, skinny margaritas and the like. skinnypasta is a better-for-you pasta made with all-natural, delicious and nutritious ingredients. To us, “skinny” doesn’t mean being defined by your weight or the size of your clothes; it’s about making healthy choices, enjoying delicious foods and nourishing your passion for life.

Together, we can #RedefineSkinny. Share your balanced lifestyle with us by hashtagging #NourishPassionForLife and see your photos in our skinnypasta Lifestyle Photo Gallery.

Read on to see how some of our ambassadors describe what “skinny” means to them:

Alexandre Badeau

First of all, skinny is not a weight or a size. It’s more like a feeling. At a certain point when you do an activity and you feel really good, you have so much energy and everything seems to be easier. You simply enjoy that moment a little bit more than usually. That is your skinny feeling. That is where you want to be and stay at. On the opposite side: after excess, when you want to do nothing. That’s not the skinny lifestyle. Don’t overdo it.

One of the easiest ways to feel like that is to have smart eating habits. That’s why I choose skinnypasta!

Tanis Tzavaras

Tanis wrote a great BLOG POST about this!

Benoit Huot

Skinny means a lot of things for me in our sport and life. The first thing that comes to my mind is being ready to compete. I need to be fit and skinny when I am behind the blocks to jump in the pool for a competition. For us, swimmers, it means minimizing resistance, being able to cross the pool faster because we feel light. As athletes, we want to find the perfect balance between strength and power. We want to be healthy and strong while we train and compete to realize our objectives and goals. Even after I am done competing, I will do my best to stay healthy, eating properly and skinny.

Stephanie Felker

Stephanie also wrote a BLOG POST about what skinny means to her!

Lenny Valjas

For me, the word “skinny” means so much more than just someone’s size. In today’s world, “skinny” seems to be what everyone strives for in their daily lives. For me, “skinny” is different. Skinny represents making healthy life choices, and having a positive attitude towards reaching your health goals. Skinny is the feeling you get when you treat yourself to a healthy nourishing meal, or feeling good about finishing a workout that you had little motivation to do in the first place. Skinny to me is the good vibes you feel from doing something nice for your body.

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